Wednesday, January 20, 2010

War Journal - Jan. 21, 1945

Night Bomber - This plane led A-20s on night missions.
Bill Pehr was in this tail when it was hit by a dud.

Still being briefed & scrubbed every day. If this weather ever breaks we will do a lot of flying. Almost made the mission today. The runway was a smooth sheet of ice - so four of the first ten ships never got into the air - the few of us that did make it were scrubbed because so many were crashing on takeoff including the Pathfinder. We circled almost three hours waiting for them to clear the wreckage from the runway so we could come in again.


  1. Is that the plane Grandpa flew? Was Bill his co-pilot? Did he survive?

  2. This was another plane in the same group. Bill was the tail-gunner in this plane and was in the tail when the dud shell went through just above him.