Sunday, January 24, 2010

The State of the Union - 2010


The current state of the Union – in one word – fragmented.

President Obama will deliver his first State of the Union speech during the next few days. This annual event is a constitutional requirement of the President. It is not required that it be a speech delivered to a joint session of Congress, but the leader of the country is required to give Congress his version as to where we stand as a country.

I would imagine that most if not all of you have watched a President give such a speech. The government and the media treat it as a very big deal each year. It is one of those events that you can watch on your choice of several channels on TV. Following the speech the commentators will attempt to tell us what he just said. Then a member of the political party that opposes the party of the President will give a rebuttal speech to us through the media.

President Obama will stand there, all pressed and smug, glorying in the applause that will be given over and over again. He will read his speech from his teleprompters and most likely deliver a well written speech. This being his first State of the Union speech, it should be interesting to hear how he sees the present condition of the United States. We have statements by Obama, from the past, where he disses this country. We have his wife claiming that her husband’s success in the primaries caused the very first time she had ever been proud of America. We have their pastor swearing profanities about America in his sermons. So, what does our President really think about this country that he is supposed to be leading?

I do not expect him to cut down America on national TV, especially when he is the one in charge of its current condition. No, he will stand there and make claims to successes over the past year, will tell us that there is still a long way to go (as if we didn’t already know that), and may attempt to blame the past administration (Bush and Cheney) and/or the current Republicans in the House and Senate for blocking his noble attempts to solve all of our problems. He will stress his good intentions and the Democrats will stand and applaud. He will call on Congress to work together to pass the most liberal agenda ever submitted in the history of our nation.

When he finishes, the liberal media pundits will claim that we just witnessed one of the greatest speeches ever delivered. The more conservative pundits will mostly be polite about the lack of content. The night will wind down and we will all go about the rest of the week.

What is the state of our Union?

During these speeches, Presidents usually recap what they have accomplished over the past year and lay out a plan for what they want to see happen in the following year. Here is where Obama is at great disadvantage. What will he claim as his great accomplishments from 2009? A year ago, when he took office, we were struggling as a nation. Now, with a new captain at the wheel, we are worse off than when he started. Though he claimed to be “the one we have been waiting for”, he has failed to deliver on positive steps to recovery. His messiah-like self-promoting image has withered and the batteries for his media halo have died. He has shown himself to be a pompous bag of hot air. He has no great accomplishments to brag about. He has done nothing other than make speeches, intimidate those who oppose him, and travel the world several times.

Our present state of the Union – we are in trouble. We are just about a rudderless ship. There is no strong, positive leadership in Washington. Most of the rest of the world has lost respect for the “super-power” nation. There is no fear, not even from tiny dictator nations. Obama has undercut our allies, insulted our friends, apologized to our enemies, and basically made a fool of himself on the international stage.

An honest list of what he has accomplished during his first year is not very long. He signed into law, within his first few days in office, the “stimulus” bill Congress had passed in anticipation of Obama coming to town. He has then managed the almost one trillion dollars this law included in a way that it became a slush fund to reward his political supporters. The stimulus did not stimulate so now he wants “Stimulus II”. Should we believe these funds would accomplish anything when the first law failed?

He apologized to the terrorists, only to be laughed at. Then he watched them attack us on our soil for the first time in eight years.

He pushed for climate change treaties and legislation, only to be embarrassed internationally and to be rejected at home.

He then put most of his eggs in one big basket – Healthcare Reform. This he wanted passed by last August, then October, then November, then December, then before he had to make the State of the Union speech. He was a failure at this too – thank God.

He can claim that he has created or saved millions of jobs, but the statistics say otherwise. He promised that unemployment would not go above 8% if Stimulus I was passed. It passed, but we have over 10% unemployment. And that number only includes the individuals collecting unemployment compensation. He spent $18,000,000 on the creation of a web site to impress us with his job creation success. Within two weeks, the claims were proven to be bogus and we hear nothing about any longer. Even liberal media sources have made fun of his claims of specific “jobs saved” numbers.

He has campaigned for three democrats over the past few months – all three lost their elections.

He has succeeded in weakening our military, lowering our defense capabilities, and tying one hand behind the backs of our soldiers on the battlefields. He has brought terrorists POWs to our soil and given them access to civilian, criminal courts and constitutional rights. He has found a prison in Illinois that he wants to move other Gitmo prisoners to in order to keep his promise to the left-wing wackos about closing Gitmo. He has failed to end the wars and bring our troops home, even though he appeared willing to accept defeat during the campaign. But, he has given our enemy a timeline for our withdrawal from the battle. He has published new “terms of engagement” for our troops, so the enemy will know how to take advantage of us and be more successful in killing American soldiers.

He has acted as a fascist dictator with his many czar appointments and taking control of various aspects of our private business sector.

This list could go on and on. But, one thing is clear, his list of positive accomplishments for America is empty. He can only, honestly, brag about how he has weakened the best nation on earth, how he has personally overseen the attempted destruction of the free market system on our economy. He can claim to have nationalized industry, bribed and threatened CEOs, attacked the wealthy who have been successful, demonized the insurance companies, banks and Wall Street.

He cannot claim that we are better off than we were one year ago, because he knows all the statistics prove that we are not.

He has proven himself to be a fraud and utter failure. He sports an arrogant mask hiding evil intentions. The real Obama is being exposed as an unqualified leader and a habitual liar. He cannot be trusted and is a terrible example to the youth of our country. He has done one thing, he has become the first half-black president. Even in that, he still pulls the “race card” as an intimidation tool. His advisers are thugs and he runs the White House as a den of thieves.

What can we hope are the goals for his next year? Well, I hope he realizes that We the People are tired of him and his policies and do not want to hear from him again. I hope that he understands that he is just a lame duck president and sits in the oval office playing card games on his computer. I hope he packs his bags and goes back home to Africa or Southeast Asia, where he came from. I hope that no other Supreme Court Justices retire or die during his presidency. I hope our industry and financial leaders tell him to jump in the lake and leave them alone. I hope that there will be some on Capital Hill who grow a backbone and start representing the people back home. I hope there is a change in leadership in the coming election. I hope there is a change in the American people and they are awakened to stand and fight for liberty. I want the change we see on main street and from the grassroots to be the hope of our future. I am not against Hope and Change, you just have to define your terms.

During his speech, Obama will not itemize the defeats the Left has encountered over the past few weeks. These will conveniently slip his mind. Each of these conservative successes has been battle victories. The left has not lost the war, just encountered some setbacks. They have not been neutered, but they have been semi-vasectomized. They still pose a danger to reproduce themselves. We have to sharpen the knife and finish the job. We have to win the next elections and do a better job at educating the next generations. We are fighting a war, not with bullets, but with ballots and ideals and principles and prayer. I have great hope for America and the picture in my mind is Obamaless.

There is one other thing he did that he will not mention. He succeeded in awakening the conservative giant in the land. Now, we will not slumber and we will prevail!


  1. Will you be able to watch the State of the Union address tomorrow or will it drive you too batty? I don't think I'll be able to tolerate more than a minute or two. Besides, I'll be mad that it will probably cover up American Idol. (: Aren't you so proud?

  2. That's my girl. I imagine that I will watch. It's my job and the reason I make such big bucks writing on these topics.