Thursday, January 28, 2010


BIOB - Bring it on, Buddy! Even though that works, it is not right.

BIOB - Blame it on Bush! Will we ever reach a point where BIOB ceases to be a point made in a presidential speech? Probably not as long as BO, or BOOBB (Barack Obama our biggest blunder - BOOB for short) is in office.

Our cry-baby president, or as Rush would say - "The man-child", owns no responsibility for anything that goes wrong but somehow assumes all credit for anything that he believes has gone right. You may argue that you have never seen BOOB take all the credit. That is only because it is so rare that anything has gone right since he was elected.

BOOB seems to always BIOB, no matter what the issue or when it happened.

BIOB - BOOB had to cause the unemployment rate to go over ten percent.
BIOB - BOOB had to take over the auto industry.
BIOB - BOOB has had to spend at a record deficit level (almost four times the deficit for Bush in the previous year).
BIOB - BOOB could not get unity from the democrats to pass healthcare.
BIOB - BOOB has no respect from foreign countries.
BIOB - BOOB is giving the rights of citizens to foreign terrorists.
BIOB - BOOB's stimulus bill has been an utter failure.
BIOB - fill in the blank...The Chicago fire, Global Warming, WWI, Cain killing Abel, the Flood, etc...

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  1. This excuse is so worn out. He needs to come up with something that drudges up more sympathy for himself.