Monday, January 25, 2010

Jobs Created or Saved $$$

A year ago, Congress passed a jobs stimulus bill, which BO signed into law as soon has he took office. The cost of the "stimulus" was over $700,000,000,000. That amount did not include the thousands of pork-barrel projects tacked onto the bill.

Now, BO and his minions are patting themselves on the back for the great successes of "jobs created or saved" (JCS). This past weekend, three of BO's buddies are on TV bragging about how many JCS they claim. One stated it is "thousands and thousands"; the next, "one and one half million"; and the other, "two million".

Even if the most optimistic claim is accurate, which it is not, BO is claiming to have JCS of two million. Over the same time period, our unemployment rate has jumped to over 10%, with millions losing their jobs during BO's first year.

BO claims that the stimulus was so successful but that more is needed. He wants another jobs stimulus bill to do the same this year. Before we jump onto the bandwagon, let's do a little math. Even if it did produce 2,000,000 JCS and even if it ONLY cost the $700,000,000,000; what is the cost per JCS? The tremendous success of the stimulus resulted in a cost to the taxpayers of $350,000 per JCS.

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  1. geez, that's so depressing! Like they say, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing again and expecting a different result!