Monday, January 18, 2010

A.R. II - Part Two

A.R. II – Part Two

Where do we start with the second American Revolution (A.R.II)? That question has already been solved for us. A.R.II has already begun. As mentioned, the first A.R. was a period of time where the hearts and minds of the colonists changed. This has already been taking place in America. As more and more citizens begin to pay attention to the deeds of the government in Washington, they are getting energized and involved. The number of Americans who are now identifying themselves as being “conservative” has steadily grown over the recent past.

A.R.II has witnessed it’s own version of the “Tea Party”. This grassroots movement spread across the country, last spring and summer. It became such a dominant force that many of our so-called Representatives were afraid to hold town-hall meetings with the people they are supposed to represent. These tea party protesters have drawn harsh criticism from the Democrat leadership in D.C. These citizens have been called “unpatriotic”, “domestic terrorists”, and many other outrageous labels. The truth is, they are exercising a very patriotic and constitutional right to express their displeasure with our elected officials. They want answers and are not afraid to ask the questions. Their leaders, on the other hand, are very reluctant to meet with them, address their concerns, entertain their open questions or give them straight answers. This further energized the patriots and exposed the socialists and fascists for what they are.

The Tea Party is not dead and has not given up. Find out what similar groups are doing in your area and get involved. Make your voice heard.

This is a very, very important election year. Get educated about your elected officials and those running against them. Do not take a politician’s word for gospel. They have a tendency to tell you what you want to hear and then go and do what they wanted. Just because your Senator or Representative, during the campaign, claims to stand for conservative principles, states that they are behind original Constitutional principles, they are for limited and smaller government, they are for lower taxes, etc.; do not believe them just based on stump speeches. Do your homework. Check them out on the Internet. Check their voting record.

As an example, look at my senior Senator from Arizona – John McCain. He is a Republican. He has been in the Senate for several campaign cycles. He continues to get re-elected based on campaign claims and the advantage he has of being the incumbent and having great name recognition. Sen. McCain runs as and claims to be a “conservative” every time he is in election mode. And, I admit, there are some things he is very conservative about – national defense, the war on terror, etc. But, there are other things that his core principles do not align with typical conservative principles.

Thanks to McCain, we have the so-called “campaign finance reform”. You remember, this is the bill that President Bush signed into law with the explanation that he was confident the Federal Courts would correct the portions that were unconstitutional; such as, limiting we the people from advertising for or against a candidate near election dates. This bill did not solve campaign finance problems or corruption, it just stole part of our First Amendment rights of Free Speech.

It was John McCain who helped form the “gang of 14” which had great influence on which of President Bush’s nominations for Federal Judge positions would be considered for approval. These 14 Senators basically took control of the long-standing process of judicial nomination approvals.

John McCain was one of the strongest proponents of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (CIR) in the summer of 2008. CIR would have basically granted amnesty to illegal aliens if they “jumped through the necessary hoops”. The hoops were not high or difficult to get through, but were an excuse for the politicians who wanted amnesty to be able to claim that it was not amnesty.

When the public rose up against CIR and the bill was dropped (temporarily), that was a form of A.R.II in action. When McCain ran for President, this subject came up and his response was, “I got the message, enforcement first.” But, this being during a campaign, we have to take what he claimed with a grain of salt. After losing the election, he went on to announce that it was time to reconsider CIR and that he would work with Obama to get something passed.

We have a gang in Washington that cannot be trusted. The White House is full of members of this gang and so it the Capital building. These snobs think we are stupid and have short memories. We are not and will not forget! McCain is just one example of the problem. The Democrat members of the Legislative and Executive branches of government are full of similar problems. The government bureaucrats (non-elected government workers) are also a major part of the problem.

When Obama was running for President and some of his background and associations surfaced, it began to awaken a sleeping giant. That giant is us. We are aroused from our past laziness and inattention. We are paying close attention and aware of what these people are tying to do to us. What’s more, we do not like what we see!

Get engaged in the process. Study and learn about your current and prospective “public servants”. Demand straight answers to the important questions that affect the future of our country. Do not accept slogans, such as “hope and change” to be the wave that gets some guy into office. Demand that our leaders follow the strict letter of the law – with the Constitution being the main foundation of that law. Show up and support gatherings such as tea party demonstrations. Write and call your Representatives and Senators in Washington. Express your concerns and show your dissatisfaction with what they are doing. Make it clear what you want from them and that if they go against the Constitution that you will work to see them kicked out of office. Support true conservatives who are running against members of the gang.

Washington may not acknowledge or recognize it, but the power still lies in the hands of “we the people”. We only lose when we do not exercise the power we rightfully have.

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