Monday, January 18, 2010


Being a national holiday, I thought it was only proper to comment on Martin L. King, Jr.

I do not like this holiday! I believe it is racist! I do not agree that there should be a national holiday to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

You may be thinking, "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black." (No pun intended.) Don't I realize that anyone who speaks out against MLK or his holiday must be a racist and is sure to be called one? Sure I realize that, but racism is not the basis from which my views emerge.

I do not like this holiday because of it being the only birthday we celebrate as a nation. We dropped Washington's birthday - our first President, the commander of our army in the War for Independence, and one of our Founding Fathers. We dropped Lincoln's birthday - the President who presided over one of the hardest times this nation has ever experienced, the President who proclaimed an end to forced slavery and declared freedom to the many slaves. We do not celebrate Ronald Reagan's birthday - the President who revived our economy, the President who stood up to the USSR, the one who is credited for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the victory in the Cold War. We do not celebrate the birthdays of FDR or Truman - the Presidents who presided over the US during WWII. We do not celebrate the birthday of JFK - the President who wanted the US out of Vietnam and was assassinated. We ignore Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Grant, Eisenhower, etc.

But, we do celebrate, as the only birthday celebration our nation recognizes, MLK Day.

Why do I believe it is a racist holiday? I do not say that because I am racist or because I am against MLK because he was a black man. I say it because I believe the only reason we celebrate the day is because he was black. It is racist in a backwards sort of way. It is not racist because we are against blacks, but it is racist because we have gone to the opposite extreme. Now, if a man is black, especially a national figure like MLK was, everyone has to be very careful to not say anything that could, by any stretch of the imagination, be taken as racist and to prove that, we will make a holiday for him which raises him above all of the other individuals in the history of our nation.

I have a lot of respect for MLK and what he accomplished. He made a tremendous difference in the improvement of race relations and helping to get more equality for the blacks in America. He was the right man at the right time and in the right place. Contrary to what I wrote above, I really have no problem with there being a MLK holiday. My problem is with it being the only birthday holiday we have. I believe that if MLK had said and done exactly what he said and did and had accomplished the exact same things and faced the same death as MLK faced, but had of been a white man, we would not have this holiday. That is why I believe it is racist.

MLK, himself, wanted an end to men being judged based on the color of their skin. He was not trying to get black men elevated above white men, he wanted them on equal footing. He believed that "all men are created equal" and he wanted the same rights for blacks that whites enjoyed. For all of that, I salute him and agree 100%.

So, what went wrong? The civil rights movement was hi-jacked by radicals after the death of MLK. They no longer seek equality and fairness and blind justice. They seek advantage, they promote racism, they abide at the table of division and turmoil. These radicals will never be happy with race relations in America. If they ever reached a point where they admitted that blacks and whites are truly equal, the need for their existence would be over and they would become irrelevant. They cannot allow this to happen. That is why, whenever any little thing comes up in the US that involves a white and a black, some radical black leader shows up and stirs the pot of racism. Keeping racism alive is job security for them.

My hat is off to MLK and I pray that God blesses his family.

I encourage each of you to take the time to read these two articles: (MLK-"I Have a Dream" speech)
and the MLK letter from the Birmingham jail


  1. Hi Mike, I live in Payson too and I liked your blog! Not too many of us bloggers in Payson are there> I happen to agree with you about MLK but we celebrate that day for the same reason they acquitted OJ, they dont want any more riots! Remember what they did to Ev Meecham when he decided AZ wasnt going to celebrate MLK day. Ooowwee that was fun!

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  2. Dick,

    I read you blog. Welcome to Payson and good luck with the new business. You have picked a great place to live.

    I did find one article on your blog that struck home - writing short blog postings. I have to admit, I do get carried away with my own thoughts and passions. Thanks for the advice.