Sunday, January 10, 2010

Waste Basket

I just had a few small items of interest, but not enough for a Trash Can posting.

The US had 1,400,000 bankruptcies in 2009. That was up 32% from the prior year.

Watch Out! BO's bikini briefs are on fire! His pants burned a long time ago. "You lie!", the famous shout at the President in his recent address to the joint session of Congress, is appropriate again. I brought this up before but will mention it here again. BO promised a tax cut to 95% of Americans if he were to get elected. Well, we have him now, where is the tax cut? Adjusting payroll withholding tables to leave more in your paycheck is not a tax cut. Now that it is time to do your tax returns, you will find that the IRS tax tables were never lowered.

Another related item of interest. When BO claimed that 95% would get a tax cut, he set the income level at $250,000 and below. Evidently, at that time, just over a year ago, 95% of the people made up to that amount. The latest income figures show that 95% now make under $160,000. Is it too late to call for a mulligan on the last election?

We continue to hear horror stories about the public education system in the country. Let's review, now that we have God completely removed from the schools, now that the only morals taught have to do with exercises in deciding who you would choose to through out of the life boat, now that the teacher unions and the federal government are firmly in control; what did we end up with? We have a lower quality of education, more disclipine problems, and more money than ever being spent on education. The problem was not God in education, it is Government in education. If we went back to the basics for elementary education, would it be better or worse? I believe it would be better.

Now that both houses of Congress have passed various versions of Healthcare, this week their leaders will be working on a compromise bill. Remember, if anything is changed in the Senate bill, they will have to re-vote and they had no margin for error last time.

Vocabulary word of the day: "Transparency"-1. The process of saying one thing and then doing another in the operation of government. 2. Telling the stupid people that you are being open in healthcare negotiations when they are being done behind closed doors. 3. Skipping the process of a conference committee, which is the way it is supposed to be done, for reaching consensus on the healthcare bill.

When Hairy Reed and Queen Pelosi (QPee) emerge from the smoke filled room with a bill in their hands and a sickening smirk across her scrawny little plastic face, you can bet that no one will be allowed to read it in detail prior to it being voted upon. We will not know what has been passed and is becoming law until it is too late.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac each received government bailouts of $200,000,000,000 each. (Remember, a government bailout is a redistribution of your wealth - it is the gov taking it in taxes from you and then giving it to someone who has failed to show they deserve any help.) Their bailouts have all been spent and they were again ready to fail. So, since we did not learn anything from the first bailouts, dear ol' gov did it again. This time, why worry about the amount, let's just give them a blank check to cover all of their losses now and in the future.

Rest easy, we are in good hands.

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  1. Dad, wanting to hear your take on Harry Reed's comments about Obama during the election. How much of a double standard is out there?!? If any Republican, low or high profile, had said these things, they'd be massacred by now.