Thursday, August 6, 2009

Virtual Fence

Speaking of a virtual fence (see the posting below), as most of you are aware, the U.S. has been involved with border security over the past few years by adding "miles" of "virtual fence" on the border with Mexico. After spending millions on the first version of virtual fence, it was finally ready to test, and it did not work. I am not sure if it did not work because of mechanical problems or they just realized that a camera on a pole would not stop illegal entry.

But, not to admit that they acted stupidly, they began spending millions on version two of the virtual fence. I have not heard them admit that this, too, does not work at stopping someone from crossing the border.

I have my own experience with a virtual fence (VF). My VF does not have mechanical components, meets "green" standards, uses no electricity, and does work. When we moved to this house, with two large dogs, my first priority was getting the back yard fenced. We paid for a 4' high chain link fence around the area. Within a few weeks, we were dealing with the dogs getting out by digging holes under the fence and escaping. They reminded me of the illegal aliens tunneling under the border fence.

I tried everything I could think of, including: putting rocks in the holes and covering with dirt, putting heavy pieces of firewood on the outside of the fence, attaching chicken wire to the bottom of the fence and extending it into the yard, driving 24" pieces of rebar through the fence and into the ground at 4" intervals, etc. None of it kept the dogs in the yard. They pushed the rocks and firewood away and escaped. They actually tore through the chicken wire and escaped. They moved to another area, away from the rebar, and dug a new hole and escaped.

Getting frustrated, I had to come up with a new idea. Someone suggested using an electric fence. That did not sound good as we have little kids next door.

One day, it dawned on me that the dogs poop all over the yard. Thinking about that, I thought that it seemed that they did not like to even poop where they had already pooped. They do not like dealing with the dog poop any more than I do. The "light" went on and I had my new idea. I took the continual supply of abundant poop and spread it along the bottom of the fence. It worked! The dogs stopped digging out and stay home as long as I remember to not let the VF disintegrate and disappear.

I have considered bagging VF and selling it to the Government for use along the border. I would think that if it were applied, liberally, it would have a positive effect on human passage. They could also drop loads into those tunnels under the fence and are almost guaranteed that no one will get through.

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