Saturday, August 15, 2009

Public Servants

Just a few comments about how our "public servants" are taking care of the people back home:

1. The "Bush Tax Cuts" expire next year - our taxes will go up.

2. Big Brother is gathering a data base of individuals who are openly against their proposed health care plan.

3. Townhall meetings have been cancelled due to citizens not backing health care and the socialist agenda of the left.

4. There will be a tax hike for everyone from middle class and up.

5. They are looking for new things to tax - use of the Internet, soda pop, and anything else they can get away with.

6. Some features of Obamacare:
  • Employers will be required to pay ALL of the cost of providing health insurance to their employees and if they do not, they will be fined.
  • People over 65 will be required to endure "end-of-life" counselling sessions every five years with someone assigned by the government. You think this has been dropped from the bill? Do not count on that.
  • You have been told that you can keep your present plan if you like it. That only holds true up until you need to make any kind of a change to the plan you have and then it will cancel. Plus, if you have not signed up for a "qualified plan", you will be fined 2.5% of your income.
  • Access to doctors will be limited and controlled by bureaucrats.
  • Quality of health care will diminish due to the need to cut costs.
  • Access to specialists will only be allowed with your primary doctor's approval and they will face financial penalties for sending you to a specialist.
  • Some of the new plan will be paid for with savings from Medicare. I was not aware Medicare was producing a surplus? As the "baby-boomers" begin going onto Medicare over the next couple years, with no changes to the plan, the cost to the government for Medicare will increase. So, how will there be "savings"? One simple explanation - benefits will be cut and reduced.
  • Be ready for the government rationing health care. There is no way to handle the cost of a national plan and pay for whatever procedures people need.
  • Have you heard of the formula for determining whether a senior citizen can have a medical procedure? It is based on a ratio between the age (or the expected remaining years for the patient) factored with the cost of the procedure. As age increases, the ratio changes, and at some point the cost/benefit crosses the point where it is not feasible to pay for the procedure.
  • As the Government takes over health care for the citizens, they will feel justified in dictating various areas of your life because they now have a financial stake in how you live.
  • An added benefit to the new plan will be that "assisted suicide" will be covered.

7. Queen Pelosi on the Congress ordering five private jets for Government leaders to use, "It's not a jet, it's a ride."

8. Climate control is taking on a whole new aspect. One way to help control the climate, per the wacko Libs, is to impose population control measures. If we would stop having that "extra child" it would reduce the future carbon footprint for your family.

9. The abortion agenda began as a Liberal method to control the population of unwanted minorities.

10. Congress is proposing legislation to exempt health insurance providers from liability for denying coverage for a procedure which results in the death of the patient.

11. BO considers the Constitution of the US, a "charter of negative rights". You would only come to that conclusion if you were considering how it limits the power of the Government, from the Government perspective.

12. The "religion of peace" (Muslims) burned to death a family of eight Christians because it was believed that someone in the family had burned a copy of the Koran, which it was later determined that they had not.

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