Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BS on the DeSoto

Did you notice that when the DeSoto drove into Washington, it had bumper stickers (BS)? After being parked at the White House for a few days and getting a tune-up and wax job (before being allowed to be on public display), some of the BS have been covered up.

Besides the typical BS that you see on Liberal's cars, such as "Obama - Biden in '09", "'O'nation", "I am the ONE", "Wright is Right", "Take the $ & Run"; there were some new BS on the DeSoto.

Some of my favorites are, "Judges Rule", "BO Smells Sweet", "I (heart) Paris", "Peace Thru Disarming", "Trees are People, Too", "Laws Are Made For You", "Viva la Latina", "You GO Girl!", and "White Man's Greed Got Me What I Need". Oh, I almost forgot, "BO's Got Yer Guns-Ha Ha".

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