Thursday, August 6, 2009

Planning Murder?

If you happen to be planning a violent crime and are wondering what you can do to improve your chances of getting away with it, I have some advice. Drop your citizenship to the US and become a citizen of Mexico. That should accomplish your goal.

ICE (our government's immigrations department) has just acknowledged that they have "released" 100's of "violent criminals" back onto our streets. The reason given - they do not have enough beds in ICE facilities to hold them all. So, these illegal aliens, who have committed violet crimes, including murder, have been set free. It is interesting that the Arizona office of ICE was quick to respond to the news by reassuring us that they have not done that in our state. Locally, the policy is to deport these same people.

Yes, that is right! In Arizona, they will not set you free on our streets, they set you free by dropping you across the border. That should be the last time we ever see any of these criminals, knowing how secure our border is with a "virtual fence". Maybe that has something to do with why we watch stories on "America's Most Wanted" of three-time murderers being sought for another murder.

So, let's get this straight. If you are an American and commit a violent crime, you can expect to get arrested, tried and sentenced to a long prison term or execution. If you are here by first breaking the law by your not entering according to our laws, then commit a violent crime, you have just entered the lottery. You have a chance of being prosecuted, but you have a chance of being deported, but you have a chance of just being released because the beds are full. Odds are much better for illegal aliens than for illegal Americans that you will not serve serious time in prison.

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  1. The ripples have started before the major storm. WE MUST BE ON OUR GUARD?

    More than ever before, this is the time to ignite the major issues under the feet of all politicians. We need the extraction process of mandated E-Verify composite of the SAVE ACT; to remove illegal labor from the workplace in all businesses Gathered together with local police detainment 287(g), the NO MATCH Social Security law and not to weaken ICE raids. All patriotic Americans who believe in a pro-sovereignty, anti-illegal immigrant must contact their arrogant pandering lawmakers, demanding no amnesty, no chain migration and build the border fence according two original specifications. American Workers and the general public must fight against abhorrent special interest groups, such as US chamber of Commerce, ACLU, La Raza, Council of Foreign Relations, ImmigrationWorksUSA and many more. Say--NO--to ACORN INVOLVED IN THE 2010 CENSUS. Sen. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi are the American Workers worst enemies?

    That SANCTUARY STATES like California must rescind illegal immigrant refuge policies. That President Obama's health care renewal plan—WILL--attract millions more impoverished people from around the world. That they can join with the 20 plus million already here, to get free medical care under the Democrats law now passing through Congress. MY QUESTION IS! WHY SHOULD TAXPAYERS SUPPORT THE ILLEGAL LABOR FOR THE PARASITE CORPORATE ENTITIES ACROSS AMERICA? CALL TODAY AND GIVE POLITICIANS AT 202-224-3121 YOUR CRESCENDO OF FRUSTRATION? THAT'S ALL THEY UNDERSTAND--WHEN THEIR JOBS ARE IN PERIL. GOOGLE NUMBERSUSA AND JUDICIALWATCH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CORRUPTION AND PROFITEERING FROM BOTH PARTIES. OVERPOPULATION will be the irreversible consequences of mass immigration. READ ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT STATISTICS AT THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION