Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pants on Fire - Again

Senior Advisor to the President, David Axelrod, recently sent an email to a broad list of email addresses to which the White House had access. The email attempted to gain support for BO's plan to gain control of the health care system in America. He explained how those opposing healthcare reform are lying and trying to scare the public and how they want status quo.

The letter directed the readers to a new page on the White House web site that is supposed to debunk the rumors and myths about BO's plan.

It turned out that there is one problem with this letter, it was sent to many email addresses who had not given their address to the White House. Not only was it an unsolicited email (spam-which is illegal to do), but many who received the email wanted to know how the White House obtained their email address.

As this story began to hit the news and gain some attention, FOX News investigated. All of this resulted in a response from the White House. This is where some smoldering began in the crotch area of the spokesman trying to explain how all of this could happen.

Of course, the White House is completely innocent and totally surprised by learning that people received the letter without ever requesting information from the White House web site. They blamed "third party" organizations who must have added the email addresses without the knowledge of the White House. According to the one who's pants have flames coming out of both legs and the fly, the White House does not want to communicate with anyone who does not sign up for that contact. They are working to make sure this does not happen again.

Why is this clearly a bunch of lies? First of all, do you really believe that outside organizations have direct access to the White House computers so that they could add lists of addresses without the knowledge and approval of the White House? Wouldn't you imagine that the cyber security for the White House computers and email accounts is just about as good as it gets? Or, maybe they forgot to renew their anitvirus software. Maybe their computers have been hacked and the hacker spent hours typing in various email addresses just for fun.

They denied knowledge of how this happened because the truth is something they do not want to admit. Just a couple weeks ago, criticism was leveled at the White House for advertising an email address where citizens were asked to turn in other citizens who disagree with BO. The White House wanted names, locations, email addresses and details of what was said or written. When questioned about privacy issues and the Government playing Big Brother, they were quick to deny that any of this information was being gathered or maintained for future use. If they were not gathering a list of opponents or of those who turned in someone, why would they request the specific details? Why wouldn't they just want to know the "rumors" so they could publicly address the "misinformation"?

This guy, who now has third-degree burns over the lower half of his body, has joined the rest of the White House cronies who are also trying to recover in a make-shift burn unit set up in the basement of the White House. The whole bunch cannot be trusted or believed about anything that comes out of their mouths. BO is not the only smoker at 1600 Penn. Ave.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. We have a President who is not only unAmerican as far as established values, but a racist and a socialist. He is an angry man who has resorted to lying to the American people in order to get his radical agenda past all of us. If this man succeeds, we all fail!

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