Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She Finally Said It!

Nappy finally said it! Yes, in a Q&A session along with a speech she gave to a police organization in San Francisco, Nappy actually used the term "illegals" and admitted that they broke the law.

Before you get all excited and think that we are finally going to do something about the influx of illegals, get the rest of the story. Even though she admits that they are ALL illegal, she is not interested in them if they "only" broke immigration laws. She does not want the police to call ICE if they find "illegals" who are not breaking other laws. But, when they become criminals with more serious records (murder, assault, robbery, kidnapping, rape, identity theft [no wait, identity theft is not a crime for an illegal if they were not positive that the ID they were stealing and using illegally actually belonged to someone], taking taxpayer money for free education, taking hospital money for free medical care [oops, those are not crimes for them, either]), sure, give ICE a call. They might be allowed to actually show up and take a look-see.

Curious, who gets to decide which laws get enforced and which ones do not?

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