Saturday, August 15, 2009

People Protesting Politicians

It has been very interesting to watch the left-wing, wacko, liberal politicians and media respond to the polite, peaceful and courteous, concerned citizens (I'm not biased!) showing up at town hall meetings with their Representatives. As these meetings were getting started earlier in the month, citizens who are very concerned about the healthcare plan being considered by the House, came to get answers from their Representatives (Reps). In meeting after meeting, as each Rep was faced with to-the-point questions, they tried to get by without answering or attempted to give "talking-point" answers. As you can imagine, these did not go over well with the public who seem to know more about what is in the bill that their Reps know.

As Reps tried to pacify the people with vague comments, lies, false conclusions, or downright rude attitudes and ignoring questions; the crowds would jeer and boo the Reps. With the high-and-mighty Reps not being used to this, they became intimidated by the people they are supposed to be serving. The responses took one of two directions - the Rep would keep having meetings but would pack the room with liberals prior to opening the doors to the public waiting outside; or, they would cancel the rest of their meetings and refuse to face the public.

As the Libs responded, in shock, to the anti-Obamacare protests, they began to attack the voters who sent them to DC. Over the past two weeks, cRats have referred to the public who disagree with their attempt to socialize American healthcare and assume a position of total control over many areas of our lives, by attacking them. Yes, attacking them! Not explaining, not listening, not debating, not meeting face-to-face anymore, not caring about the concerns, not pointing to paragraphs in the bill to show the concerned that they are mistaken - attacking them!

As politicians, such as Heir Obama , Queen Nancy, Raunchy Reed, plus some of our favorites on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, etc.; responded to things not going their way (the poor, spoiled babies), the names began to fly. Constitution-loving, patriotic citizens who dared to challenge the socialist Libs have been called: Nazis, terrorists, chicken hooligans, KKK, angry mobs, manufactured protesters, problem causers, etc. BO has basically told us to shut up and get out of the way. Senator Boxer (D-CA) actually said that the protesters cannot be "real" as they are too "well dressed".

The same people who cannot find it in themselves to refer to some radical who blows up a crowd of people as a terrorist, has no problem calling conservatives, who do not want the USA to become the USSA, terrorists.

The same socialists who seem to be trying some of the same tactics and policies as the Nazi party did in the 1930's (Nazi stands for the National Socialist Party), have no problem referring to those who love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; as Nazis.

As BO attacked those who do not appreciate their Reps disrespecting them and treating them as though their opinions do not matter, he called out the radical left and union members to invade these meetings and aggressively confront the conservatives. He ordered them to shout louder and "punch back twice as hard". It was after BO called out the brown-shirts that the meetings turned violent - with violence against the Right by the Left. The media then does their job and reports the violence, but blames it on the Right.

Have you ever noticed that almost everything the Wrong accuses the Right of doing, is something the Right is not doing, but the Wrong is plainly guilty of the same thing. I believe that they do this because the tactic is fresh on their minds because they just got through using it and either they think the Right must play the same games or they believe that if they accuse first, the counter-accusation will fall on deaf ears.

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