Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not Real People

According to our administration and some in the media, Conservatives with opinions are not real people. As more and more citizens show up at town hall meetings with their members of Congress, they are getting a chance to let the public servants know just how they feel about what the servants of the people have been up to in DC. Let me tell you, the folks back home are not happy campers!

So, this called for some creative spin by BO and his buddies in the media. Why not accuse the people with conservative views as being fake. For sure, real people could not be upset with BO and the health care plan or more and more bailouts and more and more spending and less and less freedom, so these people with the strong views must have been planted there by drug companies and medical organizations. They are all "rent a protester" types.

Where would they get such an idea? Well, the answer is easy. They do use "rent a protester" types and so they would naturally assume that the Right does the same.

So, as you head out to meet your Congressperson, remember that if you do not like what they have been doing, you will be written off as being a non-real-person.

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