Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Policeman, A Professor and A Politician

Have you heard this one?

A policeman, a professor and a politician all set down to have a beer together. The riddle lies in who said and did what?

Someone acted stupidly,
Someone is a racist,
Someone acted responsibly.

The policeman was logical,
The professor expressed his liberalism,
The politician thought he was lord.

There was a teachable moment here, but not the one the lord thought it would be.

If you are white, you cannot criticize anyone who is black, for any reason, no matter what they have said or done. If you do, especially if you find fault with the BO administration, you will be branded as a racist. In our liberal society, blacks are beyond reproach. In the liberal mindset, Republicans are racist by nature. The "race card" will be played for any minor infringement by a white Republican concerning critical expression involving anyone who is black.

The "race card" is the "shut up and sit down in the back of the room and do not speak again - card". It is freely used to stifle the opposition to just about any of the outrageous proposals BO has tried to force upon us. There is no opposition to BO that cannot be considered to be an attack on him because he is BLACK.

When we state that we want our country back, or want America to be in the form the Founding Fathers intended, those are "racist" statements because BO is BLACK and we all know that the Founding Fathers were white supremacists. Is that news to you? If so, you have not been listening to the left's criticism of the right's protests of the health care plan. If you do not want the health care plan BO is supporting, you are a racist.

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