Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guns on Campus

I can't help but notice a lot of changes between now and then...

Now, if a boy draws a gun on a piece of paper, he can be expelled from school and the story is all over the media.

Then, I would have never been allowed in school based on all the guns and knives I drew during the years in class.

In high school, we were passed the drawing of guns and were into bringing of guns to school. It was not unusual for a student to have a gun in his car while it was parked at high school.

My senior year, for the last semester on almost every Friday afternoon; Brennon, Peter and I would leave at noon and go hunting. You cannot do this without guns and ammo. As you are very keen, you have noticed that guns on campus is only half of this story. What about ditching school that many times? Well, we had to get creative. Every Monday morning the three of us would go into the Attendance Secretary and report the reason for our absences, in order to get back into school. All three of us, being such great guys and so friendly to this lady, were always welcomed back with a smile.

The only excuse that I can remember using is this. We told her that Peter needed to go to the dentist and he asked me to take him, but I did not have my car that day so Brennon had to take all of us. Almost before the words finished falling from our lips, the passes were written.

It pays to have connections!

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