Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trash Can - Part 3

The Trash Can is a mixture of comments about various items in the news.

As of the first of August (2009), the government had borrowed $1.15 Trillion since the first of the year.

The official number used for the national debt is $11.7 Trillion. This number does not include the unfunded promises and liabilities already made by the government. When those items are included, the national debt would be $71.7 Trillion. That equals $233,000 per person in the country.

Barama told Planned Parenthood, a few days ago, when asked if abortions would be funded by the government in the healthcare plan, that he considers "reproductive care" to be essential care and it would be funded. Even though he would not use the word "abortion", it is clear that this is what he was discussing. Other reproductive care is already a normal part of health care plans. The only question has to do with whether or not taxpayers will be forced to pay for abortions, and the answer is "yes" if any sort of a government healthcare plan passes.

If you remember back a few months, Barama already told us the our tax money will be used to pay for abortions around the world in poor nations. Why would he not be in favor of that at home?

Also, remember, Barama voted three times, while in the Illinois State Senate to show favor with late-term abortions and to deny care for living babies who survived a botched abortion attempt. Yes, that is right! When a baby survives a late-term abortion and is delivered still alive, it is denied health care and is left to die. The medical "profession" is not allowed to kill the live baby, on purpose, so they leave it with no care to wait for it to die on it's own! Our dear President is in favor of that practice.

I have been reading in the Bible and I find no passages where God indicates that He is taking on partners in the matters of life and death. Sorry, Barama, but it must be the Devil you partnered with!

The House plan for healthcare includes clauses that give the Government access to all of our personal records, such as health; and also access to our financial accounts, such as bank accounts.

Do not be fooled, anything that Barama or the cRats claim that they are removing from the bill due to public displeasure, it will find its way back into the law. They know what they want and will not be denied. They will either sneak it back into the bill at the last minute, prior to the final vote; or they will add it back later, after the basic bill gets passed.

We are right to find fault with so many aspects of the healthcare bill, but we have to not be appeased by them giving a little here and there. Any give they make will be taken back later and we have to focus on the main objective - NO Government Funded Healthcare Plan - at all! We are not asking for revisions, we are demanding rejection of the whole concept.

OBGYN - Obama's Got Your Number!

This is a battle for the future of America as we have known it! The stakes are too high to not be concerned and active in fighting these left-wing radicals.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. Well, I think we have been pushed far enough and Mister Nice Guy is ready for the fight. They have awakened the sleeping giant in the American public and it is angry!


  1. OBGYN - That Obama is getting more personal than I thot!

  2. When I read the things that he if for it makes me sick to my stomach! I can't believe that American's voted for such a sick person! How does someone just let a newborn die just because the parents didn't want the baby? (Parents is not the right word) But at any rate Obama is crazy!!!