Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update to War Journal - Sept. 23, 1944

The following is an update to the War Journal posting for September 23, 1944. This was added as a comment to that posting but I thought you might miss it if not shown here also. This was Dad's first mission and his only mission from England, prior to moving to France.

During a recent visit to Show Low, Dad added some information about this mission I had not heard before.

They flew over Germany and ended up in a thunder cloud, where they lost visibility. The plane that Dad was in lost control and went into a spin. With no frame of reference to get bearings, the pilot could not get control of the plane as it spun-out. When it finally came out of the bottom of the cloud, he was able to see the ground and gain control of the plane. This is how his plane lost formation and became isolated over Germany. The others turned around and went home. His pilot kept them just above tree tops and went a round-about way of returning to England in order to not be flying where they might be expected to be.

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