Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iraqi Honor Hit-And-Run

Today, in Peoria, Arizona, there was an attempted "honor" killing.

A 48 year old, Iraqi man ran his car over his 20 year old daughter and her friend (the mother of the daughter's boy friend - who has a name that sounds Arabic). The two women were in a parking lot when hit by the dad's car. He fled the scene and the police are searching for him.

The dad had been threatening the daughter recently because he believes the daughter is too westernized and not keeping Islamic values.

The daughter is clinging to life at this time and the other woman will be okay.

This begs the question, why bring your family here if you hate America so much that you are willing to kill your daughter if she begins to act like the people where you brought her?

Another question, how in the world can this be called a "honor killing"? To do this, you have to be a scumbag!

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