Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Garbage Can - One More Time

Forget about how Conservatives out give Liberals from their own pockets. Forget that Liberals are free to give handouts when they take the money from you. Just remember what some of our good friends in Hollywood had to say on the subject: "Hollywood has the best moral compass because it has compassion."

During the past fiscal year for the Federal Government, our congress approved bills with 10,160 earmarks.

Iran announced that if anyone does anything, "We will kill the heart of Israel." Don't mistake that promised threat as admission of their program for nuclear weapons. Remember, their nuclear program is just for energy purposes.

The FTC announced that they intend to add controls of editorial content on blogs on the Internet. They seem to think that this is an area that lacks their personal oversight and they tend to fix that oversight.

The official unemployment numbers are in and they continue to rise, most recently at 9.8%. I would imagine that within a couple months, it will pass 10%. One of every ten people who want a job cannot find one. These statistics are not counting the thousands who have given up looking or the ones who are not filing for unemployment claims.

Good news, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has put a price tag on Obamacare. For the next decade they expect the cost to be only 837 BILLION DOLLARS. Our dear leaders in DC, on the left, were happy about that number and have actually made the claim that spending that amount on top of everything else they are doing (remember 10,160 earmarks we have to pay for) "will actually cause the deficit to decrease." Yes, they really did make that claim!

On the same subject, the CBO typically understates these types of estimates. Prescription drug coverage for Medicare was supposed to cost around $400,000,000 per year. Well, once we got it the cost seemed to double.

Awhile back, BO stated that he had partnered with God in matters of life and death. If you remember, I had a somewhat negative reaction to that claim. Now, after further consideration, I may have to say that I just might have misspoke. Yep, maybe I over-reacted. Where I went wrong was in one capital letter. You see, now that I think about it, I think he was referring to god, not God. The god of this world.

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