Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Engaged!!!!

This may come as news to some of you, but I am engaged!

I know that you are all wishing me well.

As you will read in my previous posting, our leadership is taking us down the road; first to socialism, then to communism. We are riding a runaway train and the brakes do not appear to be working.

Reagan was able to bring an end to Cold War I. Now America is fighting for it's very survival, as it has always been known, and we are engaged in Cold War II. The first Cold War was fought between nations with the goal being the spreading of or stopping the spread of Communism, depending on which side you were on. Cold War II is heating up and instead of the fight for freedom being against the USSR, it is against the USSA. The battle is within our own borders and the prize is the future of America. The difference has to do with whether Americans will live in freedom, experiencing liberty, enjoying rights, and practicing self-government; or, if there will be a ruling class having unlimited power and control over the working class.

What in the world does this have to do with being engaged?

I am engaged! I am engaged in the fight for freedom. I am engaged in the fight for liberty to be enjoyed by my kids and grandkids. Cold War II has not called for the taking up of arms, but the enemy is afraid that it might come to that and for that reason, they are trying to disarm Americans. The enemy has an agenda for the rest of us that they know we will not like. They want us defenseless and unable to fight back. Before it ever comes to the consideration of that, we must get engaged in the battle of ideals, values and principles.

It is time to study and learn, to speak and teach, and to spread the philosophy of liberty to the next generations so that they will realize what is happening to them. "Liberty lost, is Liberty lost forever." Waiting to fight back is not an option. Now is the time for action.

The flag for this battle rests in the hands of Conservatives. It will not be won by Republicans as they have surrendered too much control to Moderates. It is being fought against Liberals, who have hijacked the Democratic Party. If we depend on moderate iCan'ts to fight this battle for us, we will lose. They are too worried about getting re-elected and have put their emphasis on gaining the votes of the "undecideds".

That shows the danger of trusting the iCan'ts with this battle. They feel that the most important thing is to try to win over the vote of undecided individuals. "Undecided" means that they do not care, will probably not vote, do not have a clue as to what is going on, and are basically and totally un-engaged. At the same time the iCan'ts cater to dis-engaged masses, they take Conservatives for granted.

It is time to change things! Status quo is not an option. Watching and waiting to see what happens next is not an option. Either you care about America and are patriotic or you don't and aren't. The "don't and aren't's" join the ranks of the enemy. You can tell that the Left sees the Right as the only obstacle to total victory, in the way that people on the Right are always in their cross hairs.

I am engaged! Will you be engaged to me and with me?

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  1. Congratulations to the lucky conservative guy!:)