Saturday, October 10, 2009


What is a Moderate? Isn't it someone who has not picked a side, someone who does not belong on either team? They just cannot quite decide where they stand on major issues affecting our nation and have not quite figured out if they have a moral compass to follow. This same type of people we call, "middle-of-the-road", "straddling the fence", "lukewarm", the great "undecideds".

How can someone be neutral when the differences are so stark:
Christian vs Atheist
Love God vs Hate God
Good vs Evil
Conservative vs Liberal
Originalist vs Living Document
Strong Defense vs Vulnerable
Individual Responsibility vs Socialism
Limited Government vs Expanding Government
Right vs Wrong
Freedom vs Tyranny
Capitalism vs Fascism
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness vs Big Brother Government
Freedom of Speech vs Censorship
Political Servants vs Dictators
Rights and Responsibilities vs Servitude and Handouts
Pro Life vs Pro Death
Low Taxes vs High Taxes

If you happen to be a Moderate, I ask you to honestly search for truth and stand for principles. Become a critical thinker; listen, research, analyze, judge, and reach a logical conclusion.

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