Friday, October 9, 2009

War Journal - Oct. 9, 1944

Made my second mission today. Dropped four 1000# Demos on a bridge on a superhighway east of Aachen. Bombed by Pathfinder with 10/10 clouds. P47 Fighter escort - No enemy opposition even though considerable fighters was expected. I was air sick the entire trip - 3 hours - The mental depression while in that state is terrible. It is a continued conscious effort to remain in a turret & alert while sick. If it doesn't get better soon something will have to be done. I was not very nervous or scared on this mission. Stood guard duty all night - and it was a long night after that mission.

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  1. Dad told me that the first few missions he was on, he was sick on each one. He said that he only threw-up in the turret one time. When you barf, it freezes due to the extreme cold in the plane. When you land, it thaws. They make you go out and clean up your own mess. After having to do that one time, he then took a can that he kept between his legs.

    Dad said that while flying in the states, for training, he did not get sick. But, when the stress of combat was added, he did get sick on the first few missions.