Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Untouchable BO

Previously, I have written about how the Left will attack you if you criticize BO. You will be called a racist and who knows what else. They want to make it very clear that this guy is not to be messed with. If you cross the line, there will be consequences. They play hardball!

Well, my limited experience at hardball, in Little League, showed me one thing, a small target is hard to hit. When you come to bat and you only stand about 2'6", how big of a strike zone do you think that makes? It's about the size of a flattened shoe box. It served me well, I was walked both times I came to bat. (What does this have to do with criticizing BO? I have no idea. I don't plan these out ahead of time. My fingers just follow where ever my mind wonders.)

Story told, now back to the subject. I was just reading the local paper that came out yesterday, Payson Roundup. There is a letter to the editor that caught my attention and I thought you might enjoy reading this heart-warming opinion. It is titled, "Exciting news" and was written by a Mr. Pittman. He starts out expressing his excitement over BO winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The second paragraph tells us that it is a sign that the world has confidence in him, just as did the American voters, by a margin of 9 million votes.

But it is the third paragraph that is most enjoyable: "Only an unpatriotic, treasonous, unrepentant traitor would attempt to deny or diminish such an honor for our country and its leader."

He forgot, "racist".

Folks, we are not dealing with opponents with all of their marbles. It seems that in his mind, there is no room for any opinion other than his. It sounds like he wanted to praise BO but at the same time did not want anyone to write back with an opposition to what he had said. So, try to categorize them before they open their mouth. Hang a label on anyone who writes to the contrary. Bully through intimidation.

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