Monday, October 5, 2009

The Race Card

I don't know about you, but I do not consider myself to be racist. Yet, I continue to hear accusations leveled against those who think just like me, that they are racist.

X-Pres. Jimbo Carter recently blurted out that having an opinion that is against the healthcare reform is a clear sign that you are a racist. What? Yep, you are a racist! How does he get from point A to point B? Easy, BO is black when he wants to be, and if you disagree with him, it must be because of the half of him that is darker than you are. It cannot be that you just disagree with him and his policies. You are a bloody racist!

If you went to or supported the "tea parities" this past few months, you are a blooming racist! If you attended meetings with your representative in August, yep, if you did not support the cRats, you are a stinking racist!

It is beginning to appear that the deck is stacked against us. Of the "57 states", at least 50 of them are filled with radical, right-wing racists. I wonder if any of the cards in the cRat's deck say anything except "Racist". All I know, is they keep playing the same card over and over again.

This raises a question. Will playing the race card so much and so often, backfire on them? When they reach in their pocket and pull out the same old card, over and over again, and in most cases where it does not apply at all, will it lose it's effectiveness? Will the public tire of hearing them trump the stack with another race card? Will we all start ignoring them due to their lack of imagination?

Even more, will the election of the first zebra-striped president become, instead of a sign of little actual racism in America, an event that we all regret. Having elected a "black" president has resulted in the race card being thrown in our faces instead of them burning the deck that is not needed any longer.

If the Left does not reign in the wackos and tuck the race cards away for awhile, I believe there is a good chance it could all backfire on them. We may all get so tired of race being an accusation on a daily basis, that we learn not to set this scenario up again. We may regret having a black president so much that we will not make that mistake again.

Note to the Left: Try having a logical argument. Everyone who disagrees with you and BO is not a racist. If you cannot defend your position without playing that card, go home, shut-up and listen to some good ole' conservative talk radio. You just might learn something.

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  1. NOt really related to your post, but did you hear the backlash to SNL actually having the audacity to poke fun at Obama? The climps of the media just gasping at this were hilarious to me. Weren't they the ones that idolized Tina Fey for her spoofs on Sara Palin? They never had a problem when George Bush was made out to be a total imbicil for eight years on the show. I think people will see the double standard as quite annoying.