Friday, October 30, 2009

Compassion or Compulsion

Most of us have heard the term, "compassionate conservative". In a political debate, being labeled as compassionate has to be a good thing. When that term is tied to Conservatives, Liberals are not happy. Radical Liberals want the masses to believe that they are the truly compassionate people or leaders. They want the people to see conservatives as greedy capitalists.

They remind me of the Taliban building hospitals in Afghanistan. Was it that the Taliban had hearts full of compassion or was this outward deed prompted by some ulterior motive? I believe the answer has been revealed since the hospitals were built. We now have news reports of the Taliban attacking the Afghan people and slaughtering them. What was their motive in acting compassionate? It was to gain allegiance from the people. It was a way of getting the public to support their leadership. It was motivated by the desire for power over the people. The motive was power and control through giving the appearance of being compassionate!

In this country, cRats are constantly pounding their chests and patting themselves on the back as a way of showing the masses that they are the only ones who really care about them and their needs. They talk a good talk, but what is their walk? Look at the results. The cRats have been pushing social programs as the cure all to "social injustice" for at least 80 years. FDR launched our country into massive social programs as an attempt to get the country out of the Great Depression. Did it work? No. WWII and the jobs it necessitated brought the US out of the pits of depression and made us a manufacturing giant and world power. LBJ pushed new social programs through that we are still dealing with. cRats like to take credit for doing good deeds as they launch one social program after another. BO is busy with his obsession to nationalize our health care system, which could end up becoming the most expensive and massive social program in our nation's history. BO is open about his intentions. He told Joe the plumber that the goal is to "spread the wealth around". What does that mean? It can only mean, take from those who have and give to those who have not. That is the Liberal definition of compassion.

By coincidence, it was also Karl Marx's view, which we call Marxism. He had a philosophy of, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need". Marx is the main writer of "The Communist Manifesto" and he is credited as being the man whose ideas became the foundation for modern communism. He believed, that just as capitalism replaced feudalism, socialism will replace capitalism and socialism will transition into communism.

Let's examine the compassion of the Left. In recent past, as politicians ran for various offices and made public their tax returns, it has been shown that in most cases, the iCans gave much more to charity than the cRats. Let's also consider the results of the various social programs that the Left bragged about being the cure of all social injustice. In spite of the billions poured into these programs, we still have the poor, we now have a larger portion of the population dependent upon these social programs, and, hence depending on the government for the meeting of their needs. We have class envy at the same time we have a large segment of our population that have given up personal responsibility for public funding.

The Left, Liberal, cRats talk compassion but have developed large groups of people who have an "entitlement mentality". The Left is good at pushing new social programs on the American people and the redistribution of wealth. They believe this is compassion.

I do not believe this is compassion. It is compulsion! Compassion is a strong desire to help reduce suffering, a deep feeling of sympathy, an attitude of the heart, and it is a self-motivated desire to do something to help. Compulsion is a coercion, a forceful use of power to pressure people to perform an act that is contrary to the people's will.

The Left use compulsion as a way to take from those who have, by way of the law and taxes, and distribute other's wealth to those who have not. They do not have compassion. If they did, they would take their own personal wealth and give to those in need. That is not what they do, they take other's personal wealth and give it away and take credit for the generosity. They use other's people money as a tool to create for themselves a majority of people who look to them as their need-meeters. The motive is not compassion, but power and control!

As we watch the Left, in their compassionate ways, change our country from a Capitalist system to a Socialist system, we will observe the laying of the foundation for Communism in the U.S.A. If this is ever going to be stopped, it must be stopped NOW!

Read the following and see if any look familiar:
1. Abolish of private property,
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax,
3. Abolition of rights to inheritance,
4. Confiscation of the property of rebels,
5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State,
6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State,
7. Factories and instruments of production being owned by the State,
8. Equal liability of all to labour,
9. Equitable distribution of the population over the country,
10. Free education of all children in the public school system.

These are the ten conditions for the transition to Communism laid out in "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx.

We have generations of children being dumbed-down and indoctrinated and not taught the real history of our great nation, in the public schools. Over the past year or two, we have watched major portions of our financial and manufactured sectors being taken over by the government. We have the State in control of credit. We have recently heard the BO wants the government to take control of the Internet, for our own protection. We have a graduated income tax.

Folks, we are being marched down the path that leads to Communism! If the patriotic, conservative Americans who believe in the Constitution and agree with our Founding Fathers method of setting up this nation do not take back control of the government, really soon, it will be too late. The Left has had an agenda for a long time and with BO and cRat control of Congress, they presently have the opportunity to push that agenda upon the public. As they have expressed, a crisis is an opportunity to take advantage of, and they are.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. We need to get engaged!


  1. Mike, you would sleep better if you didn't think of all this right before you go to bed. This is a good blog and it sure makes one think about where we are headed. I agree with you about the dems and the social programs, but it seems to me that Bush helped so much going down this road. The Eminent Domain laws were widened during his 8 years. The taking over of the banks were during his last year. The infringement of personal privacy was increased during his fight against terrorism. The dems and BO have us sliding down the socialism hill at lightning speed, into the arms of full communism, but Bush was at the top of the hill giving us a big push. All this is beside the fact of Bush pushing Israel to give away land to the Palestinians. Did you know that BO was the first sitting president to refer to Israel as the Israeli occupiers in his speach at the UN?(Hal Lindsey Report) Wow!!!!

  2. My feeling is that if we have any hope of stopping this mess and turning it around, we have to get a whole new group of people in D.C. You are right, it is not just the cRats doing this to us, the iCan'ts are right in the middle of this transformation. "Moderate" just is another word for being a non-conservative. I am convinced that America's only hope is for "conservative" leadership. It is this philosophy that lines us with the Constitution and most closely with the founding fathers.