Friday, October 16, 2009

How Pathetic Are We?

As you all know, BO won the Noble Peace Prize. Our dear X-Pres. Carter could not stay home and had to say something about the award. Carter said, "I don't know anyone more qualified to receive the award."

This week we have learned that three of the five on the committee who picked BO were against the selection, but were forced to submit to the leader's wishes. One opposed due to believing that BO has trouble keeping his promises. Two others opposed based on BO has not done anything, yet.

Yet, Carter is convinced that BO is the best of the best this country has to offer. No, wait, not just this country, the whole world! Are we blessed to have such a great leader, or what? Everyone stop what you are doing and bow down toward Washington.

Carter raised a concern in my mind. If BO is the best of the best, how pathetic are the rest of us? This guy, who is a smooth talker (when he is reading from a teleprompter), who has the gift of gab and the ego the size of Mt. Rushmore; has done nothing good. So, that tells the rest of us that we are really losers.

When you think about it, Carter is right, with King BO, we are all losers.

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