Sunday, November 8, 2009

War Journal - Nov. 8, 1944

Grave of the Unknown Soldier from WWI
German tank on display

Dad is on far right.

Returned from Paris at noon today - That is a town all by itself - nothing in the States can come near it. The people are the friendliest ever - everyone is dressed nice - plenty food apparently - not at all as I expected. The RC put us in the nicest hotel in town - Hotel Du Paris - went dancing both nights - plenty girls - shopping and sight seeing tours in the day. Inflation is terrific though. We are paid at the rate of one franc worth two cents - In Paris one cent is worth 1 1/2 francs or three times its value so the $70 I took didn't go very far. Used a taxi once for about two miles - 800fra ($16.00 to me). Soldiers can do very little shopping on their pay - But, boy! it was fun. The people are by far way ahead of anyone in G.B. - almost up to American standards. Only combat & front line men are allowed in Paris now - supposedly for 48 hour rest but a person has to return to camp to recuperate after two days in that town. It rained all the time we were there.

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