Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Setting Captives Free

As we could go different directions with that title, you must realize that my political thoughts are beginning to pile on top of each other - so, that is the way this will go.

Most of you realize that the Attorney General (AG) for BO (BO) recently announced that the decision has been made to bring at least five of the Guantanamo (not to be confused with Guantonimario) detainees to New York to stand trial. This move has several serious problems, but should not surprise us a great deal based on what they have previously stated and other actions they have taken.

BO's administration (BOA) announced early in the year that terrorists are not really terrorists, but enemy combatants. Also, "acts of terrorism" are "man made disasters" and our government and military are not to use the term "war on terror". BO campaigned on the promise of closing Guantanamo prison and followed through by making the announcement that he was proceeding with that goal as one of his first statements as the new President. He has stated that the prison, which houses known terrorists and some of those captured fighting against our soldiers in the war (in other words, prisoners of war), will be closed this coming January.

When he first made that announcement, it appears that he had no plan or idea as to what to do with the men being held in that prison. Some of these guys are as bad as they come and include men like the one who planned the 9/11 attack on America (we will call him Mohammad - or Momad, for short). BO also promised that we would never use waterboarding again to get information from prisoners. It just so happens that Momad was on the receiving end of waterboarding, several times. This "interrogation technique" resulted in a confession as to his role in the 9/11 attack and his divulging other terrorists names, their locations and plans that were in the works. This information gave us the needed intelligence to make arrests, stop attacks on our soil, and save American lives.

Those goals are not the goals of the BOA. Their goal is to weaken our nation, apologize for America, embarrass our military, negate our advantage in intelligence gathering, and appease the rest of the liberal countries in the world.

During the past few months, we have observed two released Gitmo prisoners on the beach in the Bahamas. Evidently, since the BOA could not find any country to take these two guys, our tax money was being used to house them in a resort.

So, now the AG is going to bring Momad and at least four other prisoners to New York, where they will be tried for crimes in our court system. Momad will be in a courtroom that is only a few blocks away from the result of his handiwork - Ground Zero - the hole in the ground where the twin towers once stood.

Momad has already had a military trial. He confessed in the trial, was found guilty, and he asked for the death penalty. That was not good enough for BO. We will take him onto our soil, where we grant all residents Constitutional rights and protections, and try him in a public setting in a civilian court.

This man is a part of Al-Quaida, the organization that declared war on America. He not only is a terrorist but is a part of our enemy in a war they declared on us. He is a prisoner of war (POW). In the history of our country, we have never taken POWs and granted them Constitutional rights and tried them in open court on our soil. This situation is exactly why we have military courts.

Bringing him to NY for trial poses the following problems:
1. It opens up emotional wounds to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11.
2. It invites terrorists actions against NY, again, in a possible attempt to rescue Momad.
3. It will be a media circus and cost millions of dollars, of our money, for security.
4. It puts the jury, their families, the judge, his/her family, the lawyers, their families all at risk.
5. We will pay millions more for his defense team of lawyers - even though he has already confessed.
6. Granting him the rights and privileges of a citizen raises several legal issues: a. Was he read his Miranda rights? b. Will his confession be thrown out of court? c. Will he be allowed bail? d. Will anything that he has said in the past be allowed to be used by the prosecution in court? e. Will he have the right to face his accusers and who are the witnesses against him? f. Either his defense team will have access to top secret CIA and FBI intelligence or the intelligence used to find and capture him will not be used in open court. g. Did the AG and BOA hank-pick this district in NY for the trial due to wanting a certain judge who would be more favorable to their agenda? h. Will the trial be an occasion for the left to put the CIA and Bush/Cheney on trial?
7. What about a right to a speedy trial?
8. Where will we find a jury of his peers?
9. His defense team will have numerous issues to place before the judge requesting the case against Momad be thrown out of court. Either the judge will have to seriously consider doing just that and setting him free, or the judge will have to go against legal precedent, which would be grounds for appeal.

There is a good chance that Momad and some of the others will not have to complete a trial and that the judge will order them set free. When that happens, they will walk out the front door of the courthouse (laughing at how stupid and weak we are) and about the only thing that can be done is to deport them for being illegal aliens - and we know how serious the BOA is about that issue.

Mark my words! Some of these guys will walk away as free men!

When the AG was asked as to why some are coming here for trial and others are facing a military trial? He answered that the issue has to do with what they did, where they did it and who were the victims. Since these five attacked US citizens on US soil, this is being considered a criminal act and they will face criminal trial. Others were caught attacking US interests, such as the USS Cole, attacking US soldiers on the battlefield and not on US soil. These will face a military trial.

So, what the summary tells us and future terrorists, is that if you attack US citizens on US soil, we will reward you with granting you special rights and privileges reserved for US citizens.

The BOA has a pre-9/11 mindset. They are treating terrorist activity as individual criminal actions and not a part of a larger war against our nation and our way of life. The guy who killed the soldiers in Texas, a couple weeks ago, is being considered as a criminal who "just snapped" due to the pressure. Trouble is, he had not yet faced any of the pressure they are crediting him with and his "snapping" was planned ahead of time. He bought the guns last August, had clips capable of holding 40 (I believe) rounds, each. He had business cards that stated he was a soldier of Islam. He argued with true Americans about the war, etc. Before the dead and wounded were even removed from the scene of the attack, we were hearing "official announcements" from our government that were reassuring us that this was a random crime and not related to terrorism. They could not have possibly known that, at that time, and have been proved to be wrong since then.

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  1. I believe there are four Uighurs in Bermuda who were formally detained in Guantanamo. The Uighurs (pronounced like "Weegers") may have been in training camps, but they were primarily fleeing from China. If they had any designs of fighting anyone, their likely opponent was the People's Republic of China.

    After arriving in Bermuda, Uighur detainee Abdul Nasser issued a statement through his attorney: "Growing up under communism we always dreamed of living in peace and working in free society like this one. Today you have let freedom ring."

    Associated Press report: