Monday, November 9, 2009

War Journal - Nov. 10, 1944

The pilot - Borst

This group went on a rough mission yesterday. Only three ships made it back to the field on time out of 54 that left. This morning seven were still missing. We went out again this morning on the same mission but weather made us turn around at the German border. It was to back up Patton's attacks around Metz yesterday. We lack seven minutes flying time so as to count this morning as a mission. It was awfully cold - 23 degrees below C. Today marked the beginning of a new era - I didn't get air sick!!


  1. Dad, this has been really interesting to follow along with. I'm sure it means a lot to Grandpa and the men he knew at this time that you've communicated with that you take such interest in all of it. I think it is way too easy to forget what went on not-too-long-ago and take for granted the sacrafices that were made.

  2. Seems like Grandpa didn't get credit for a lot of his missions out. How many did he actually go on?