Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday Night Dates

Have you noticed a new trend in Washington, D. C., lately? First the House and now the Senate have taken to holding very important votes on Saturday evenings. Both had to do with passage of Healthcare. To show the importance of the votes, just take note of how many of our politicians were present to vote - I believe, every single one of them, except for on Senator.

When the House recently passed their version of the Healthcare Reform, The cRats needed at least 218 to have a majority. The final vote was 220 in favor and 215 against. One iCan't voted yes and about 35 cRats voted no. Tonight, the Senate voted as to whether their version of Healthcare Reform (which consists of Harry Reid's combination of two different bills forwarded out of two different committees and is over 2,000 pages long) would proceed to floor debate in the next few days. In the Senate, they need 60 of the 100 votes to pass. There are 58 cRats, 2 Indecided's, and 40 iCan'ts. If any cRats jumped ship, Reid's plan would sink. The final vote was 60 yes and 39 no. It will proceed to floor debate after Thanksgiving.

I thought you might like one comment made by a Republican prior to the vote, Missouri Sen. Kit Bond said there were so many objectionable portions to the bill that his colleagues had a hard time choosing which ones to go after first. "We're like a mosquito in a nudist colony. We have so many targets to attack in this bill we don't know which one to hit."

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