Wednesday, November 18, 2009

War Journal - Nov. 18, 1944

These ships are just forming up getting ready to go out.

Found out yesterday that the mission we turned back on on the 10th did count as a mission as we were over Germany. That was my fourth - Made another mission today in support of the 1st French Army near the Belfort Gap. The target was a bridge over the Rhine River between Mulhouse & Mulheim Germany about ten miles north of Switzerland. It was our first mission in good weather. I didn't get airsick and there was plenty to see. Clear all the way - saw an artillery duel near the border - two small towns completely aflame - miles & miles of snow including the Alps in Switzerland. Encountered heavy flak over the target. It was so close I could see the flame from several burst. We were the last flight over the target so we got everything. Got only one flak hole in the ship.

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