Sunday, November 15, 2009

War Journal - Nov. 15, 1944

Co-Pilot Cowart, in front of his pup tent. When I ran across this photo, I emailed it to Gene Cowart and asked him what was on his mind? His response:
"Thanks Mike, sure appreciate it-as to what I was thinking--(I think) might go like this-How do I get out of this fix, or-The recruiting officer never mentioned this, or-I only signed up cause I thought the wings and uniform would help me get girls, and now this. Actually it just shows the flyboy's version of the 1000 yard stare."

Life as usual the past few days. Weather kept us grounded almost continually. Two of the crews mentioned on Nov. 10 as missing were lost over Germany - to the weather. Some were seen to bail out but flak burst followed them to the ground so they were probably dead.

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  1. Sad diary entry you quote. Thank you for posting it.

    That is a great message from Gene Cowart. That was an especially gruesome conflict. We owe those veterans a great deal.