Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Constitutional Rights

You have read and heard of the plan to try terrorists in civilian courts on our land, giving the enemy Constitutional Rights. You already know how I feel about that.

Now, it has been announced that three Navy Seals are being charged with "roughing-up" the enemy combatant that they captured in Iraq. The bad guy was the one that was responsible for the killing and mutilation of four Americans - private contractors working in Iraq as security guards for Blackwater. This took place in 2004 and these three Seals caught the guy.

Now, the Seals are facing court marshal in a military tribunal court. This setting allows them less rights than they would have in a civilian court. You do not have to read between the lines to reach the ultimate conclusion. Our government is more pro-terrorists and making sure that they have rights they are not entitled to receive, than they are pro-military and making sure our soldiers have the confidence that ALL of us are supporting their dangerous mission to fight to keep us ALL safe.

We now have an announcement that BO, after almost four months of demonstrating that he has no idea what he is doing as Commander-In-Chief, telling us that he will have another announcement in December as to what his decision is as to sending more troops to Afghanistan. The general, who BO appointed to run this war, asked for more troops last summer. It has taken this long for BO to figure out whether or not to send some.

The LWLRDs (left-wing, liberal, radical democrats) have declared war on America. They are openly cooperating with long-standing enemies of America. They are hiding their evil agenda behind words such as "Justice" and "Fairness" and "Compassion" and "Competition" etc. The truth is, they have no interest in any of those concepts. What they do care about are "Power" and "Control" and "Money".

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  1. Support for the troops does not mean that individual soldiers, sailors and marines will never face accusations or undergo investigations. I suspect that our men and women overseas could be a little safer if the world knows that the troops have our support, and that investigation of alleged wrongdoing also has our support. Ultimately, such proceedings can show the country in a good light. At least, such may be a possibility, "God willing."

    Certainly, we may all hope for a fair and reasonable outcome.