Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Iraqi Honor Hit-And-Run, Update

This is an update to the 10/21/2009 posting.

The father who ran over his daughter because he believed she was getting too westernized, was captured this past weekend. After running down his daughter in a parking lot in Peoria, AZ, on October 21st, he drove to Mexico, where he abandoned his car and caught a plane to London.

London authorities had been notified to be on watch for this guy and caught him at customs. They put him back on a plane to the U.S., where he was arrested as he arrived. He has been returned to Arizona where he is being held on $1,000,000 bail.

The charges against him were upgraded yesterday. His little girl died in the hospital as a result of the injuries. She had never regained consciousness since the attempted murder.

It turns out that he had made arrangements for his daughter to be married to an older man in Iraq. She did not want to go there or do that. For this disgrace to the family, he believed she deserved to die. After all, you have to maintain the family's "honor".

The man's son and the girl's brother, defended his dad, telling the media that we do not understand the customs of their culture.

Well, welcome to the U.S.A., where it is our custom to take the idiot to trial, find him guilty, and I hope, sentence him to death. Let's stick an "honor meter" in his mouth while he is being executed and see how proud he feels.

If you watch America's Most Wanted on FOX, you may have seen the story of another Iraqi (I believe) father who shot his two daughters to death because they were also getting too westernized. This guy has not been caught, YET!

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