Sunday, November 29, 2009

Does God Perform Miracles, Today?

Is God still in the miracle business? Was that just for some period of time in the past or does He still work the miraculous in our age? We can read in the Bible about the miracles during the period of the Old Testament - parting the water, speaking from a burning bush, creation, water flowing from a rock, etc. We read more in the New Testament where Jesus performed many miracles - raising the dead, healing the sick, water into wine, feeding the masses with a few fish and loaves of bread, walking on water, calming a storm, etc.

We know that Jesus sent out his disciples and gave them the power to work miracles. We find others performing miracles in various books of the Bible. But, has that all ended or is it still happening? Paul, wrote (I Cor. 12) that God gave miracles as one of the gifts to the church. Was it just for the Early Church or The Church. No where does it mention that the miracles of God were to cease at the end of the first century church.

We have all heard about "big-name" preachers performing miracles. Perhaps you have even watched some of this on TV or maybe even been in a meeting where these "miracles" were taking place. Are these for real or are these just a giant hoax to promote the "preacher", his ministry, or as a tool to raise funds? Sadly to say, much of this is not real or the work of God. Much of it is a show, a man-made display designed to dupe those watching. Sadly to say, the motive is money in some cases.

So, if what we see on TV, for the most part, is not real; are there real miracles performed by God, today? Can we ask God for a miracle and have any reason to believe that He just might answer? If you believe that miracles have ceased, you cannot believe that He would answer your prayer in that time of special need. You cannot look to God and trust that He cares for you sooo much that He would intervene and actually provide a miracle for you.

I admit that we do not seem to be seeing God doing the things like parting the Great Lakes in our age, but He is doing many other miracles in the lives of individuals. They may be small, when you stand back and look at them, but they are big to the one who needed the help He provided. God works in many ways and we cannot put a limit on the variety of forms of help he provides. Your miracle may come from the Holy Spirit speaking to someone's heart and that person following that voice and acting to help you. Another's miracle could be a direct action on your behalf that cannot be explained by natural terms.

God still works miracles! He has never stopped. I have witnessed God working in miraculous ways and have personally seen the result of miracles.

You and I can still go to God and ask for the impossible to become possible. We can have a confidence that our God still has the power and ability to move mountains, meet financial needs, and heal the sick. We can ask, believing that He hears our prayers and that what we are asking is not impossible for God and that He will not come back and tell us that it is too bad that we are in a post-miracle stage of the church.

My God has never lost His power! He is a miracle working Father who loves His children.

Do you need help? Are you in a place that there is no way out? God can make a way where there is no way. He can move the immovable. You can have confidence, when you pray, that God is more than able.

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