Wednesday, November 25, 2009

War Journal - Nov. 26, 1944

A bombed out village.
A bombed out home near our place.

Had a busy day today - We were on the alert list as the spare crew. Naturally one ship couldn't make it so we had to go. Flew with the 451st. The target was a warehouse area just east of Strasbourg. Could not drop bombs due to weather although we went all the way to the target. No flak & no fighters. Got back to the field at noon & was briefed for the same mission immediately. Had one ship crash on the takeoff but the other extra crew went in its place. We spent the afternoon cleaning guns. The crew escaped from the crashed ship but the ship burned & the bombs exploded - furnished some fire works for us - A new ruling just came out preventing us from taking credit for the mission on the tenth so I have only six missions now.

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