Wednesday, May 20, 2009


NO! Not me!

I have heard some explanations as to why the United States does not seem to be involved in end-times, Bible prophecy. Most have stated that a cause could be that the USA has been taken out by nuclear weapons. That seemed plausable due to the arming of our enemies with atomic weapons. That seemed plausable due to the USA being the "great Satan" according to some Islamic radicals, who believe God has called them to wipe us all out.

I now have another take on the subject. The reason the US may not play any prominant role in the end-times, is that we have been castrated as a strong nation. According to, castrate has the following meanings: 1-to deprive of streength, power, or efficiency; weaken; 2-emasculate. Emasculate has the following meaning - to weaken, to render effeminate, unmanly softness.

We are watching BO and his administration and the puppet government, on a daily basis, slice away at the strength and power this nation has been admired for, by much of the rest of the world. One marble, after another goes rolling across the floor and out the door.

Whack, whack, whack!

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