Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Double Standards

As J. D. Hayworth puts it, "I am all for equal rights, just not special rights."

We live in the midst of double standards. They are all around us.

Dictionary.com defines Double Standards: as "any code or set of principles containing different provisions for one group of people than for another..."

Most special interest groups that lobby for "equal rights" are actually looking for special rights. They are wanting a double standard. They may have been victims of a double standard in the past and now want the abuser to be the victim. Usually, they are not looking to "get even", but are wanting to get ahead. There is an old saying, "two wrongs do not make a right." That applies here. Reversing the double standard does not make it even or fair, it creates a new set of victims and the consequential anger from the mistreatment.

Double standards are commonplace in politics. Over the past few years, I have noticed that there is an outcry of shock and a call for punishment whenever a Republican messes up. But, when a Democrat seems to do just as bad, or maybe worse, you do not hear or see the same reaction.

When a Republican has an affair, he loses his position of authority (Newt). When a Democrat has an affair, it is all forgiven and we are told that it is none of our business and it did not interfere with his duties (Bill). There are many examples of this in Washington. When Bush II was elected President, the Democrats and media suggested that he not have Inaugural parties due to the recession. When BO was elected, even though there was a recession, did you hear any call to scale back the celebration? When Bill suggested overhauling Social Security and making part of it private, it was a good idea. But, when it was George who picked up the idea and tried to get it implemented, it was a horrible idea.

How about when Bill did little or nothing about terrorist attacks against American interests and the media and left seemed to be content. But, when George continued reading to school children a few minutes while waiting for confirmation as to what was happening, it showed him to be completely incompetent. When Democrats support Acorn in trying to cheat and steal an election, not a problem. When Bush honestly won the Florida election, he was attacked for eight years about how he stole the election.

All of these are double standards. So, I was wondering why this is the case in politics? There are two reasons that I can come up with. First, the media, in general, wants to destroy the Republicans and makes mountains out of mole hills whenever they get a chance. Second, we who are on the right tend to hold our elected representatives to a higher standard than those on the left.

Why would this be the case? When a Republican falls, we are disappointed and we express that we expected more from them. We hold them to a high standard and many times they are out in public expressing that they hold themselves and others to a high standard. So, when they fall, we are surprised and disappointed. It seems that the left does not hold their leaders to a high standard and they do not seem to hold themselves to any, either. So, when they fall, it is not a big deal as they had not promised to be better than that and their followers were not expecting a higher level of morality.

Until the left changes, the double standard will remain. The only alternative would be for us to copy the level of morality for the left and not care. We have core principles that we are not willing to sacrifice, so us taking on the left's attitude about doing wrong, will not happen. And that, I believe, is the main issue. We have a set of core principles under which we operate. If we abandon them, we will no longer be who we are. To be even with the left is not enough of a prize for us to be like them.

I would rather take the high road and stumble and fall, over and over again; than to not try. Taking the low road, on purpose, just so you will not have far to fall, is accepting depravity as a way of acceptable life.

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