Friday, May 15, 2009

The Battle for the Future

As the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, as the battles intensify in Pakistan, as Iran threatens extinction of the Jews, and as the World guards against terrorist attacks by radical Islamists; there is another battle going on. It is the winner of this other battle that will ultimately claim victory in all of the wars raging in the Middle East.

As we fight on the ground and from the air, as we plan and carry out those plans to win a battle here and there; the missing element in our National strategy has to do with the spiritual war going on. If we as a "Superpower" in military strength ignore that our foe(s) are not just fighting us in conventional ways, but are engaging in a Jihad - or spiritual war, we will be at a disadvantage.

Our enemy is not just radical Islamists, but the evil spirit that drives them. They are motivated to do crazy things, even blow themselves up, even have their children blow themselves up, in the name of Islam. Some argue that Islam is the religion of peace. If there is any truth to that statement, they seem to be hiding that part of their religion fairly well. At least the radical wings of Islam are about anything but peace. They promote violence, killing, maiming, domestic violence, suicide and war. They claim that Allah has called them to eliminate the Little Satan (Israel) and the Great Satan (USA). They believe it is their duty to kill the infidels (meaning anyone who is not a believer in their form of Islam) and any apostates (meaning any Arab who does not subscribe to their radical version of Islam).

If we as Americans (public, government and military) fail to recognize that this is a spiritual battle, we will only be trying to win by fighting half of the war. Our enemy is waging spiritual war against us. They are not interested in a peace treaty, or negotiations, or compromise, or defeat, or cease fire, etc. They believe Allah has called them to win and kill all of us. You cannot sit down, across a table, and use arbitration to settle the differences. They want us dead! Nothing else will do. If they fail at their calling, they believe they will not go to heaven, will not get their virgins, etc.

A lot of us cannot go to war as a soldier. We cannot fight in the battles in the sand of Iraq. We will not take up a gun or drop a bomb or launch a missile. Those parts of this war must be fought by our designated military personnel. The other battle is our responsibility. We can and must take up spiritual warfare. We can do that from right where we are, right now. We have to pray that God will open the hearts, eyes and minds of the people in the Middle East. We have to pray that the Truth of God and Jesus will reach the millions of people in those countries and that a revival will occur and that their leaders will repent and/or be replaced by God loving people.

The future of free nations is riding on winning the spiritual battle. We have to take this seriously!

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