Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm a Big IDOIT!

I am an idoit and am proud of it. If you are not a great American Idoit, then you need to become one. Idoits are not idiots, they are the self-motivators, creative thinkers, self-sufficient, independent, self-confident people who have made this country great. It is on the back of idoits that America has become the greatest nation on Earth.

When I want something done, my first thought is not, who can I get to do this for me. I do not look to the Government to meet my needs and I do not want them looking out for me or you, from cradle to grave. When I want something done, Idoit.

Be an Idoit! Put your imagination to work, roll up your sleeves and get to work, you do it. You do what is needed to make your life better, to improve your living conditions, to work harder to supply your family's needs. Do not expect Washington or your state to meet your needs. When you become dependent on government for basic needs, it becomes a trap that is hard to escape from. Liberals want you to be dependent on government. When you look to them to meet your needs and you stop taking responsibility for yourself, they have you! You are dependent on them and they step in to run your life for you. They expect your vote and usually get it because you do not want to lose your benefits that you have come to depend upon.

Listen closely to the news reports where someone who is receiving from the Government is being interviewed. What is their attitude? It usually sounds like someone who believes that they are owed what they have become used to receiving. They do not have the attitude that they are grateful for the temporary help and they are looking forward to getting back on their feet and giving back to help others. Many times they are bitter, angry and unhappy. They are afraid of losing the free handouts. They have lost self-respect and self-motivation.

You be an Idoit! You will be happier and your life will be better.

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