Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missing Link Found

I heard on the news, today, that some "scientists" in Europe announced that they had found the "missing link" between apes and humans. The fossilized evidence is 47,000,000 years old and is supposed to look like a 1'9" tall monkey.

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, but I have a observation. If it looks like a monkey, maybe that is exactly what it was. Just because it was short, does not mean it is something rare. Have scientists ever heard of baby monkeys?

I have also wondered, whenever I hear some claim that something has been dated to be 2,850,000,000,000 years old. Are they serious? Even something that is only 47,000,000 years old, what is the margin of error, 45,000,000 years +-? This group will state things like this as actual fact. They do not say that it could be over 10,000,000 years old, they say it is 32,000,000 years old. I do not care what they say, you cannot convince me that they can accurately test to determine the difference in a bone or in a fossil (rock) as to whether it is 10,000,000 or 12,000,000 years old.

It is scientists like these that are determined to prove evolution, that have resulted in us having scientists that say global warming is a fact that cannot be debated any longer. The quality of their statements ranks right along side their friends, the liberal politicians.

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