Friday, May 29, 2009

The Rino Award

What is a Rino? It could be a short name for a rhinoceros (if it were spelled as Rhino), the African animal with the large horn on it's snout.

It is a term used for someone who claims to be a Republican but is acting more like a Democrat. A current example of a Rino is Colin Powell. He claims to be a Republican and has actually worked for three Republican Presidents, the latest being President Bush (43). (I know what you are thinking, how could he still be 43 when he was 43 at the time he was elected and he looks a lot older, now.) But, he endorsed BO for President. He continues to criticize Bush and Cheney, mostly Cheney in the past few weeks. He lectures Republicans on how we should be and act so as to get along with the Democrats. He thinks that Conservatives need to shut up, because we are destroying the Party. Colin Powell is a Rino - Republican in name only.

It would be one thing if he were just stating that he is a Moderate Republican and tell what he believes, but he is on TV show after show trying to be the "face" of the Party. Anyone who does not agree with his form of Republicanism needs to step aside and let the Moderates lead us into another miserable loss at the polls.

Since I agree with almost nothing he is saying, Colin Powell is the winner of the first "Rino" award. And you ask, what does he get for his award? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

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