Friday, April 17, 2009

Today's Show: "Who Wants To Be A ... RWE?"

Over the past few days, we have heard a lot about those evil, Right-Wing Extremists! We have an official warning published by the Homeland Security and promoted by it's Secretary, affectionately known as JNap. So, I thought it appropriate to have a quiz to help us each determine if we have crossed over into this dangerous group that HSA believes the police should be watching and gathering information about.

You might be a RWE, if:
1. You have been proud to associate yourself with the term, "Bitter American clinging to guns and religion;
2. You believe in taking personal responsibility for yourself and your family;
3. You do not believe that Constitution is a "living document" that should change with the current society;
4. You believe in a healthy "checks and balance" between the various branches of government;
5. You do not agree with Judges making laws from the bench;
6. You believe local school boards should actually run local schools;
7. You are willing to fight for ALL of the Bill of Rights;
8. You love God, the Bible and believe in Jesus;
9. You love apple pie and have a place in your heart for cherry trees;
10. You can appreciate ML Baseball and Nascar;
11. You support smaller Government and less spending;
12. You are willing to pay your taxes but believe they should be much less than they are now;
13. You either have a gun (or two) or at least, will fight for those who do;
14. You want a strong military protecting the US from foreign threats and attacks;
15. You think "term limits" has a nice sound;
16. You think "professional politician" has a stinking sound;
17. You are "pro-life";
18. You work for a living, or at least did for most of your life before retirement;
19. You have an American Flag on you home;
20. You have called yourself a Conservative;
21. You do not get tingles up your leg when you hear BO;
22. You get a shiver up your spine when you hear Chris Matthews;
23. You own a pickup;
24. You have a new dislike for Acorns;
25. You have served in the military or at least cheered for an Air Force fly by;
26. You live in a fly-over state;
27. You were not offended by the term, "cRat";
28. You are not impressed by Bill Clinton or his wife;
29. You listen to talk-radio;
30. You have watched FOX News more than the others combined.

The rules, if you answered "yes" at least 20, you are probably already under surveillance by the police or FBI. If "yes" to 10-19, you are a danger to "change" and "hope". If "yes" to at least one, you are a RWE, according to Homeland Security.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them!

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