Monday, April 20, 2009

Freedom Fighters

Freedom - What is it? Do we take it for granted? What will life be like without it?

Liberty - Are we in the process of losing our liberties?

Independence - Do Americans value independence? Are we better off having someone else making our decisions for us?

Basically, I have not left the boundaries of the U.S.A. The only exception was a quick and short trip into Mexico with a church group, while attending ASU in the early 1970's. I have heard that Americans take their freedom for granted and I have to admit that I have done so for much of my life. Having never experienced, first hand, being without my freedom, it has been easy to always believe I would have it and nothing would change.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness...", unalienable rights given to all men by God. Being free, means we are not restrained by others or by government or by restrictive regulations from a life where we can experience liberty and through our own independent efforts, pursue happiness.

I have heard warnings about being careful in places like Mexico. A reminder that when outside of the US, we do not have the "rights" we take for granted here. When I have heard stories or watched programs dealing with the abuse of human and civil rights in other places, it makes me appreciate what I have known and experienced as a citizen of the USA. Islam radical extremists do not want us to live free. It seems like the Liberals in this country feel the same way.

Now, what will happen in the USA if the Government and/or courts continue the attack on our freedoms and our rights continue to erode? It took a war and the shedding of blood to give us our rights and freedoms. It has taken more wars and more blood to keep them. The USA has been an example of human rights and has also been a target of others because of the freedom and liberty we have.

The question is, will this current generation watch as our Government picks away at our Rights and steals our independence, without a fight? We are faced with a power monopoly in Washington. Checks and Balances are not functioning properly. There may be three branches of Government, but to a great degree, all three are being controlled by the same, anti-freedom philosophy and driven by the same agenda.

Weekly, we are seeing the BOA and the cRat controlled Congress attack the Bill of Rights, ignore the Constitution, shirk their sworn oaths to protect and defend the Constitution and America from all attacks, and assume power not granted to them by the Constitution. Some of our Founding Fathers warned about this very thing. We have greedy, power hungry men who are taking advantage of an uneducated electorate. They are ramming their agenda down our throats faster than we can gag it back up and catch our breath.

Sorry to say, our iCan't leaders are not much help. In some cases, they are cooperating with the attack on our freedom. I believe this is going to require a grassroots movement of liberty-loving, freedom fighters. The Tea Parties on 4/15 were encouraging as they demonstrated that there are many who feel the same way and are willing to step out and make their voices heard.

It is time for us irrelevant, fly-over Americans to unite in the cause of fighting for our freedom. Write your newspapers, write your elected Representatives and Senators, speak out about your disagreements with what is happening, make your voices heard loud and strong. Send emails to friends and family, make phone calls, study to know what is going on, be informed. In other words, it is time to stand up and be an American - free and independent. If we do not, we will live in a different environment where our freedoms are only discussed in past tense.

I do not want America to "change". I do not want BO to build a "new foundation" for America. I want BO to fail in his attempts to socialize our nation. I do not want to lose what this country has been since the 1700's. I do not want a Socialist country, a Communist philosophy, a dictator President, a weak nation - I want all of the Bill of Rights, exactly how they meant them when they were written and adopted. I am proud to be a "bitter American, clinging to my guns and religion". I am proud to be a "right-wing extremist" who loves God, America, family, freedom, etc. And, if that is what being a redneck is, then I am proud to be that, also.

The Obama's had trouble finding something to be proud of concerning America. Not me!

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. You may think, when I write that over and over, that I am referring to radical Islamists. Once in awhile, yes; but most of the time I am referring to the radical Liberals in this country. They have been at war with what I love for a long time. We have a lot of catching up to do. They have been busy brainwashing a couple generations of children. They have been busy victimizing one group after another to appear as their friend and savior. We have a lot of work to do. We have a message of real hope to get out.

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