Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sweep the House

Now that it is spring, many are preparing for the age-old tradition of "spring cleaning". It is time to clean the house, to rid it of the dirt and crud that has built up over a period of time. It is time for a fresh start - new and clean.

I believe it is time to Sweep the House. We Americans need to clean the House and Senate of the dirt and crud that has gathered there over a period of time. It is time to start preparing to take back control of the Government from the radical, left-wing, liberal, socialist, unpatriotic, unAmerican, elitist, power hungry, control freaks, and thieves - in other words the cRats. And I am sorry to admit, from some rino iCan'ts. There are few that hold those seats that I believe are good for this country and it's future. Power seems to have corrupted most in D.C.

It is time to Sweep the House. It is time for new faces of common Americans. We have seen what we get when we keep sending lawyers to Washington and re-elect professional politicians (pro-ps). Almost without exception, we get the speeches that tell us what we want to hear from the same old farts that told us the same things the last six times they ran for office. There is so much hot air from these gas-bags that the whole process has taken on an awful stink. We cannot believe anything they say anymore.

It is time to Sweep the House. From what I have heard, in the beginning of our Government, it was expected that some citizen would take leave from his ordinary work to serve the people in his area and run for Congress. If elected, he would go to Washington and serve a term or two and then go back home and take up with his life, where he left off. It was not intended that the same people would be there for a career. We have let it get to a place where being in D.C., in a place of POWER, has become too tempting and profitable. Once they get there, they never want to go back to being just one of us again.

It is time to Sweep the House. Since everyone of the Representatives would argue that they are not the problem, it is the other 434 who are giving the place a bad name and causing the stench. Why not send them all back home. That way we will not be deceived by the pro-ps. Let's replace them with common folk, the kind you find in the coffee shop in fly-over America. One coffee shop in Kansas, at 7:00 AM, has more common sense than the whole House of Representatives, combined.

It is time to Sweep the House. This next election, we should concentrate on sweeping the House (and I mean sweeping in both ways - cleaning out the place and an over-whelming victory). Why? Because the House controls the bills dealing with our money and because every one of them is up for re-election every two years. I do not care who is there right now, let's send them home. If we do not clean out the place, nothing will change. As long as the old-timers and leaders remain in power and control, nothing will change. A good, freshman Representative can do nothing if the members who hold all the power are corrupt. Some of these old-timers should have gone home a few decades ago. What is wrong with their districts, that they keep sending these guys back over and over again?

It is time to Sweep the House. Let's find good, honest, ordinary, hard-working Americans who truly love this country and want to serve to make it better and make sure we pass on to our kids a place where they appreciate freedom and are in turn willing to fight for it, serve others, and pass it on to our grandkids... This country is full of people just like that. We do not all have to agree on everything, but we should be controlled by core principles of decency, honesty, service, and love for the America our founding fathers formed.

It is time to Sweep the House. Once the House has been cleaned, the nervous Senators will be next to go home. This exclusive club of 100 members has more ego than any one country, that is healthy, can stand. They have ceased to see their position as one of service (even though that is what they say they are doing and they keep getting thanked for their "service"). In private, they must be laughing at all of us. They do not see themselves as servants to the people, they are doing whatever it takes to hang onto their positions of power and control. They forgot that they are supposed to be working FOR US! They now work to increase their personal power and control OVER US!

This can be done! If we do not do it, very soon, it will be too late. We have to take back our Government from the pro-ps and cRats and iCan'ts and rinos.

Remember, they were are war with us but we were not at war with them!

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