Sunday, April 5, 2009

F. F. & F.

That is the recipe for celebrating a happy occasion. It is also the same recipe for dealing with a loss. Faith, Family & Friends. This weekend was a combination of both. While we are dealing with the death of Ken, we were celebrating the marriage of Tim and Clover. As many came together for the wedding and to experience the joy and excitement, we had some opportunity to share our grief and sorrow.

Yesterday was the wedding, today was the funeral. The only thing missing was a new birth into the family. All are parts of life, in the same way that disappointments and accomplishments, failures and successes, and sickness and health are all part of living. God is in control and as we trust Him, all of these other aspects of life seem to come together and form the boundaries of our existence. We are molded and shaped by God using our life-experiences to make us into the person He desires. The joy and the pain all go together to make us who we are. And, I have to say, the whole process is a masterpiece in the making for each one of us.

Two, one man and one woman just became one. Another man just ended his journey and went to be with the Lord. It is all beautiful! We can celebrate Ken's life and remember all the great memories just as we can celebrate Tim and Clover starting their life together, just as we can celebrate when a new baby is born. Sure, the tears will be there and already have been, but sorrow is not the resting place for our souls. Have a good cry, but also have a good laugh. Ken would have wanted it that way.

God Bless you Tim and Clover,
Rest in Peace, Ken

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