Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Open Borders

We find ourselves with open borders while yet another situation is forced upon us. Is there any situation or condition that would actually cause our Government to take meaningful action to literally close the border between the US and Mexico?

Illegal immigration, by the millions, was not enough to close the border. Rampant crime that accompanied illegal immigration was not enough. Human smuggling, kidnapping, ransoms, and killing was not enough. Wrecks with a vehicle full of illegals (sometimes over a dozen crammed into a pickup or van) while they are running from authorities is not enough. Shootouts with police and some killing of police is not enough. Drug cartels warring against each other just across the border with numerous murders is not enough. That same violence spilling across the border is not enough. The damage done to public and private lands and improvements by the illegal aliens as they cross is not enough. The hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this problem without ever solving it is not enough. The corrupt Mexican government is not enough. Rising unemployment of Americans is not enough. The drugs and related crimes committed by illegals is not enough. The financial drain on public funds for schools and hospitals is not enough. Illegals collecting welfare is not enough. Illegals voting in our elections is not enough.

So, why would we expect that the Swine Flu would be enough? The potential for a pandemic is not enough reason to close the border, not even temporarily.

What is our Government willing to do? Random, observable screening of people entering the US at legal border crossings. When someone is found with flu symptoms, we will give them a mask and take them to a room where we can question them further. We won't even say that we will deny entry to anyone who is or appears to be sick. We will not stop flights between Mexico and the US, but we will watch those flying to see if they look sick.

What about the three days that they are spreading the disease before they begin to show symptoms?

What is the official response from the Department of Homeland Security? Secretary Janet Nappy told us that there is no reason to close the border now since there are already cases in several states. She has also said that there could be 35,000 deaths as a result of the flu. This seems to be an acceptable level of collateral damage for leaving the border open at any cost.

The summary, based on their actions or lack thereof, is that we are not worth protecting. It is more important that illegal aliens get into this country where the cRats can sign them up for free handouts and then get Acorn to register them to vote.

Homeland Security is a joke, now. It is more fitting to call it the Department of Homeland Insecurity. One news story, today, told us the the Government is shipping millions of doses to the states for use in fighting this disease. Another news story, today, tells us the chemists are working hard at coming up with a proper medicine to work against the Swine Flu, but it will take several weeks. In other words, shipping the existing medicine is all for show as it is not what is needed for this disease.

Maybe they could activate the "virtual fence". It worked so well at stopping people, maybe it can stop the germs just as well.

Folks, they take us all for fools.

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