Sunday, April 12, 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! - Read All About It...

Jerusalem, Israel (Sunday morning) - The Free World Press

Rumors are beginning to surface and make their way through the city that this Jesus, whom we crucified last Friday, has risen from the grave! YES, that is what I said - various people claim the be witnesses of the risen Christ (so his followers call him).

This astounding turn of events, must be verified. So, I went to reliable sources to get statements. The Roman Government, officially, had "no comment". I was allowed to speak with some of the Roman guards who were posted at the tomb. They told me that the official story was that they all went to sleep and while they were asleep, his followers came and stole the body. As this story raised several questions, I was able to get one of the guards, who spoke on condition of anonymity, to talk with me in private.

He told me that of course they had not gone to sleep. If they, being Roman guards assigned to guard this controversial site, had gone to sleep, they would already all be dead as a punishment. He went on to say that early in the morning, the huge stone began to roll away from the entrance. He pointed out that the stone is so large as it requires several guards to move it. He began to shake and had an amazing stare in this eyes as he told me the next part. He stated that there came from the opening a blinding light and the "dead man" walked out.

This is just too fantastic of a story to not get further verification. I did, for myself, see the empty tomb, but that does not answer what happened. A passerby told me that two women had run past him, screaming with excitement. He asked them what was the matter and they replied that nothing is the matter - absolutely nothing! As they ran away, he got their names, Mary and Martha.

So, I set out to find these two women to see if they could add anything to my report. Others in the area told me where to look and as I headed that direction, I was almost run over by to men who were running towards the tomb. They were then followed by two women, who happened to be Mary and Martha. They slowed down enough for me to inquire as to what they were doing.

They told me that they had just told the disciples of Jesus that Jesus was risen. Two of them, Peter and John had to see for themselves and they ran ahead. Mary and Martha both had the same story - they came to the tomb early in the day and found the stone rolled back and the tomb empty. As they, in a state of confusion as to what someone had done with the body of Jesus, departed; they came upon a man who appeared to be a gardener. He told them that the one they were seeking was not there and that he had risen from the dead. At that point, their eyes were opened to realize that this man was in fact Jesus. He told them to tell the others and to wait for him.

I have to say, I have never in my life witnessed anyone more excited than these two women. It has to make you wonder. Others have since told me that Jesus had said that he would rise again. Could this event help explain the period of total darkness that filled the middle of the day on Friday? Could the earthquake be related? Or, could this man Jesus be who he claimed to be - the Son of God - the messiah of Israel?

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